Rendering impermanence permanent on metal

I aim to capture places, people, and moments of beauty through photography, rendering impermanence permanent on metal, and other, more traditional, mediums. While my primary focus is landscape, you’ll find occasional portraits (human and animal) and city scenes among my work as well.

Photography became a passion of mine and began taking up significantly larger investments of my time post college. The art of photography is a constant challenge and reward. Photography has taught me 1) patience -- waiting for hours to take picture in the right light, 2) perseverance --wading through freezing water to get the right angle of a waterfall, and 3) risk-management -- just how safe is this ledge?

A lifelong Portland resident, I draw much inspiration from the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find panoramic photographs of Oregon’s Painted Hills and Washington state’s Enchantment Lakes and Palouse Falls in this collection alongside photos taken from as far away as New Zealand and southeast Asia. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to several amazing parts of the world over the last couple years, and I’m excited to share a portal to these worlds with you through my photographs.

All photos in this site are printed on metal. This wonderful medium has become my favorite because it’s durable, won’t fade, and doesn’t require framing.

If you find something you love, contact me and I'll help make sure it gets on your wall.

Thank you for taking a look. Enjoy!